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Gallery Three
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Group Shots
When I photograph a batch of turnings, I like to take a group photo of all the pieces I shot that day.

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Sycamore and Myrtle vessels
From top left:  African Sumac sculpture, African Sumac vessel, Mesquite sculpture and Carob vessel
Olive, Olive, Carob, Carob and African Sumac vessels

Olive, African Sumac, Machiche/Ironwood
 and Olive vessels
From top left:  Olive vase, Mesquite vase, Olive vase, Olive vessel and Carob vessel
From top left:  Mesquite vase, Carob/Ebony vessel, Mesquite natural edge bowl, Mesuite/Maple vessel, Carob/Ironwood vessel and Tesota/Ironwwd vessel.
African Sumac and Mesquite vessels
Carob, Olive, Eucalyptus, Carob, Olive and Myrtle vessels
Mesquite natural edge bowl, Olive, Carob and Maple/Bubinga vessels
From top left:  Mesquite, Sabicu/Ebony, African Sumac, Machiche/Holly, Mesquite, Mesquite/Ironwood and Tesota/Ironwood vessels
African Sumac and Mesquite vessels
From left clockwise:  Carob/Ebony, Olive, Carob/Ebony, Bleached Ash/Bubinga, Olive/Ebony,Tesota and Machiche/Ironwood vessels
From top left:  Carob, Carob, Sycamore, Sycamore, Mesquite and Sabicu vessels
Carob/Ebony, Mesquite, Carob/Ebony vessels
From top left:  Carob, Eucalyptus/Ebony, Mesquite, Olive/Ironwood, Carob/Ebony, Sabicu/Ironwood and African Paduk/Maple vessels
Mesquite, African Sumac and Carob Compotiers

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